The missing persons issue is complex and unique to each individual situation.
Here you can learn about the issue, learn how to keep your loved ones safe, and learn how to help in the recovery of other missing persons.


Find My Child! Resources

If your child is missing, what do you do?  Here we provide helpful resources and documents to make the searching process easier on families.

Internet Safety Resources

The Internet can be a scary place if used incorrectly.  Learn how to keep your family safe online through these helpful tips and resources.

Safety Education Resources

Whether at school, in the neighborhood, or at home, children and families need to learn how to keep each other safe.  Find great resources and documents on general safety education.

Endangered Adult Resources

Adults who suffer from a developmental disability or dementia are prone to wandering.  Help protect your loved one with wandering prevention tips and resources.

Victim Support Resources

Victims of a missing person case, and the family of a victim, need specialized support that differs based on the unique circumstances surrounding the case.  Learn more about victim support resources available to your family.


For Law Enforcement Portal
We provide a concise web page featuring all the services we offer to our law enforcement partners.

Law Enforcement Resources
View law enforcement specific documents and forms pertaining to the missing persons issue in one place.


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