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Preparation for a rapid response to a missing person incident is critical to the successful recovery of a missing loved one.  TCM is the sole provider of Amber Alert Issuance Training in our region and provides quality missing persons investigation tools and training to law enforcement.  Annually, TCM trains over 300 law enforcement officers, at no charge, to improve investigators’ capacity to serve the community.


Support services provided to our law enforcement partners include:

Investigator and First Responder Training

We provide a Investigator and First Responder Training to law enforcement officers within their agency’s missing persons, kidnapping, or homicide divisions.

Houston Regional Amber Alert Issuance Assistance

We offer Houston Regional Amber Alert Issuance Assistance to law enforcement agencies through monthly Amber Alert Issuance officer training, 24/7 Amber Alert Issuance Support, and Amber Alert media distribution.

Southeast Texas Child Abduction Response Team

The Southeast Texas Child Abduction Response Team a multi-discipline, cross-jurisdictional, coordinated response to endangered missing children and child abductions.  By coordinating the resources that already exist in our 14-county region, we can bring all relevant assets of the 150+ law enforcement agencies and myriad social services together to find an at-risk child, apprehend predators, and reduce the number of children affected in the future.

Law Enforcement Resources

We maintain a bank of informative documents for law enforcement relating to official forms, investigative resources, and Houston Regional Amber Alert and Texas Amber Alert issuance.

For a complete list of all the resources we provide to the Houston area Law Enforcement community, visit our For Law Enforcement portal.


Texas Center for the Missing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age in the delivery of any services.