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Texas Center for the Missing is a Birdies for Charity Beneficiary

How to Participate

Birdies for Charity Donation Form

Beginning July 14, Houston Open fans can pledge a donation to Texas Center for the Missing for a chance to win an Astros Suite! At the end of the tournament, funds will be tallied up based on flat donations and the number of birdies made. The three organizations that raise the most money (plus one randomly selected organization) will win a special bonus. Texas Center for the Missing will receive all of the dollars we raise at the end of the program so bid on those Birdies!


There are two ways to donate to the Birdies for Charity program:

MAKE A PLEDGE:  Make a pledge of one cent or more for every “Birdie” made by the PGA Tour Pros during the Houston Open. If 1,500 birdies are made during the 2021 event, here are the totals for some typical pledge amounts:

  • 1 cent pledge = $15 total pledge
  • 3 cent pledge = $45 total pledge
  • 10 cent pledge = $150 total pledge
  • $1.00 pledge = $1,500 total pledge

The minimum birdie pledge is $.01 and the maximum pledge is $1.00. After the tournament, the donor will be mailed a notice of the pledge amount due.

Some prior year total Birdies to consider are: 2019: 1,244; 2020: 1,221.

MAKE A DONATION: Make a flat donation not tied to birdies. For flat donations, the minimum is $20.


Guess the Birdies Contest

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN AN ASTROS SUITE! With each pledge or flat donation, donors have the opportunity to guess the number of birdies that will be made by PGA Tour Pros during the Houston Open. Donors can make a one-time flat donation OR pledge one cent or more per birdie as described in the previous section.

One grand prize will be given to the person who guesses the correct number of Birdies. In case of a tie, a single winner will be randomly selected. One lucky supporter of the Houston Open Birdies for Charity program will win an Astros Suite Night at Minute Maid Park.

The Suite night date will be determined by the Astros organization and sent to the winner once determined. The Suite night will take place during the 2022 season.


For additional information or questions, contact Mel Turnquist at 713.986.3542 or