The Century Club is a sustaining gifts program providing a reliable source of income supporting TCM’s life-saving programs.  This unique investment tool helps TCM make long-term commitments to projects, producing sustainable change over time.

As an emergency response organization, it is imperative that Texas Center for the Missing can immediately assist a family in crisis.  TCM must be able to respond to each emergency situation with all available resources.  To achieve this goal, TCM has a strategic plan to double recurring annual or monthly gifts from individuals and corporations by 2025. 

Visionary members of Texas Center for the Missing’s Century Club recognize the value of investing in the safety of our children by committing to recurring gifts.  These extraordinary partners ensure the highest quality care and assistance will be available to the missing
and their families well into the future.


A special thank you to our 2023 Century Club Members,
who have made our continued growth and community-aimed services possible!


Beth Alberts & Mark Sendt
Steve Benefield
Brad & Brenda Bouillion
Nadine & Stephen Boutros
Chuck Bramlett
David & Jill Brattain
Carlos & Vilma Castellanos
Stuart Chaves
Cortney Cole-Hall
John & Cathy Crapitto
Darryl & Margaret Drenon
Terry & Marsha Edge
Brittiny Eiben
Wendy & Michael Frailey
Ashley & Jeremy Freeman
Lindsay Gall Rubio
Brenda Gayle
Whitney & Evan Golden
Angela Gunning
Reese Hale
Teresa I. Hudson
Marlon & Arleen Hulin
Stephanie & James Humbert

Elicia & Ryan Hunter
Will & Rebecca Hutchins
Lindsay Kirkendall
Brandi Maxwell
Cyndie & John McNamee
Chris Murray
Troy Neal
Kelly Opre
Porsha Pruitt
Dillon & Danielle Shindler
Mary & Allen Shindler
Will & Rebecca Shindler
Damian Smith
Sarah & Peter Stuhldreher
Paul & Suzy Thompson
Michael & Gabriela Trejo
John & Kathy Turnquist
Melissa & Eric Turnquist
Desiree & Tony Urrutia
Brittney White
Laura & Tommy Wilson
Doreen Wise
Ben & Cameron Yoesel



To make the commitment to invest in Texas Center for the Missing’s future, contact us at 713.986.3542 or to be a part of transformational change in our community.