Texas Center for the Missing was founded by a mother who, following the traumatic search and loss of her own son, saw the need for an organization that could walk with families and provide the support they need to make it through each day. We remain dedicated to our founding mission and strive to protect and serve the missing and their families through each step of the location and reunification process. This page is dedicated in honor of those who continue to search with inspirational courage and hope, and most especially for those trying to find their way home.

If you are seeking help for a missing person case, call our Case Manager
at (713) 599 – 0235 or Get Help Now online.


Open Long-Term Missing Cases

Luis Antonio

Missing Since: June 1, 2015
Last Seen: El Paso, TX
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Grace Baldwin

Missing Since:
September 17, 2015

Last Seen: San Antonio, TX
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James Calvert

Missing Since: January 22, 2016
Last Seen: Channelview, TX
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Ignacio Campos

Missing Since: April 15, 2005
Last Seen: Houston, TX
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Wayne Chavis

Missing Since:
January 12, 2018

Last Seen: Houston, TX
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Kay Cloud

Missing Since:
October 26, 2016

Last Seen: Splendora, TX
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Jayvaughn Davis

Missing Since: February 4, 2011
Last Seen: New Braunfels, TX
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Isabel Elizalde

Missing Since:
November 25, 2015

Last Seen: Dallas, TX
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Jacob Esparza

Missing Since: June 14, 2007
Last Seen: Pasadena, TX
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Rudolph Rudy
Farias IV

Missing Since: March 6, 2015
Last Seen: Houston, TX
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Maria Elena

Missing Since: June 21, 2018
Last Seen: Houston, TX
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Allen Lackey

Missing Since: July 2, 2017
Last Seen: Houston TX
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Joy Lowitzer

Missing Since: April 26, 2010
Last Seen: Spring, TX
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Isabella Lozano

Missing Since: April 5, 1995
Last Seen: Baytown, TX
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Missing Since: August 8, 2016
Last Seen: El Paso, TX
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Quang Ngo

Missing Since: January 15, 2013
Last Seen: Katy, TX
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Elizabeth Paltauf

Missing Since: July 7, 2006
Last Seen: Austin, TX
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Lois Prasek

Missing Since:
December 19, 1997
Last Seen: The Woodlands, TX
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Thomas Rugg

Missing Since: March 4, 2015
Last Seen: Lake Livingston, TX
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Marie Sleeper

Missing Since: March 22, 2015
Last Seen: Magnolia, TX
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Kirk Willcoxon

Missing Since: January 4, 2017
Last Seen: Boone (Pueblo), CO
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For additional information on Missing Persons and long-term missing cases, visit the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NaMus) or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to learn how to help identify and bring home the missing.


Texas Center for the Missing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age in the delivery of any services.